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Islamic Center of Riverside (ICR) membership runs concurrent with calendar year and to avoid lapse the 2019 membership must be renewed ANNUALLY.  A new membership information form must be completed for each family member and the information is due now.

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FRIDAY, 2/1/19

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Khutbah begins at 1:00 PM year-round. Khateeb: Mohamad Naser   

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From the desk of the director: Imam Mahmoud Harmoush

Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Alaiakum Warahmatu Allah

February is the Black History Month in USA

The month of February of each year is designated throughout the USA as a month of celebration as “A Black History Month” in this country. The history of the African American people in USA and in fact throughout North and South America started from the time of discovery of what is called then, the new world (The Americas).

As a Muslims, we believe that most if not all those who were brought here from Africa by the European colonist were Muslims and they were forced out of their land and families. Since then, about 450 years ago, they were deprived many essentials rights and abused in different ways.

As we reflect in this month on the history of our brothers and sisters who came from Africa and still going through challenging circumstances, we remember what Allah Taala said: “O mankind! We created you from a single male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (Not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is (who he is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well-acquainted (with all things). (Quran S: 49 V: 13). This and many other verses confirm the equality of the human race regardless of their color, origin, language, gender, or believes.

In the next few issues, I would like to share with you the historical development of Islam in the Afro-American community in USA, Insha-Allah. Nevertheless, Islam still rooted in the heart of African American. I pray for more growth and stability in our community all over.              

ICR coming projects

Please donate generously for the up coming projects:  Click to Pay

Solar system for ICR that will secure energy and save utility cost.  

Renovating and upgrading the rest rooms for both men and women

Replacing the front door of ICR, and face left the entrance. 

Building a “Welcome and Direction” monument at the entrance.

Please Join Dr. Imad Byoun this Friday after Isha for informative and exciting discussion on the Seerah of our Prophet ( Peace be upon him). He will be concluding the talk about the Prophet and start talking about the (Guided Khulafa')

The introduction to Quranic Arabic (Arabic 101) on Sundays from 10:00 to noon is full. Sheikh Harmoush will announce another class for those who are interested in late February/March for beginners. stay tuned.  

The class of  Dr. Imad Byoun, of 85 students from CAl State San Bernardo visited ICR and listened to short presentation to Imam Harmoush and had a session of Q&A about different aspects regarding Islam, the Center, and the community. ICR offers hospitality and the students appreciated the visit.    

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