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All praises are due to Allah and may Allah’s peace and blessing be on the Prophet’s family, companions and the followers until the end of time. I hope and pray that you and your family are doing well.

If you are following my brief discussion on family and marriage matters, you may remember that I had said that marriage is mixed with cultural and local traditions of different countries and is not just Islamic teaching. Here is one tradition many people think it is Islamic, but it is not, Excessive spending. Most marriages face difficulties before and after solemnizing the relationship are due to financial burden on one or both parties of the marriage. At the engagement stage and based on the cultural differences, wither it is the man or the woman family, has to provide and engagement ring (s) buy some gifts and have small celebration.

The second stage, after (Eyjab and Qabool) formal proposal and officially documenting the relationship, usually, again it depends on the locality, the family of the girl is offer a big celebration to show off and empress the family side of the groom and future husband.

Second, is the (Hinna party) to groom the future wife and to collect the gifts for her. Thus another special party and show off of both side to indicate importance and regards of both families. Finally, the final marriage party, a celebration to declare and announce the social relocation of (not practicing married couple) into their official status as husband and wife and live together as married couple. These process and the expenses it takes over more than a year of time, sometimes much more, even though it is a source of joy for many, it is a source of stress, financial hardship, and disturbance of many family members.