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Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatu Allah.


The family is the core foundation of the community and an essential component of the society. A strong family structure and relationship is one indication of a strong society.


I have mentioned in my comments last week what we should be concern about when a man comes to ask to get married. I mentioned two main criterion, faith (religion) and characters (Aklaq). For woman, however, we should be looking for the same and a little bit more. But let us understand what Rasoul Allah (PBUH) told us to look for in a woman, He said: “A woman will be asked to marry for the following reasons: 1- Her beauty 2- Her wealth 3- Her linkage (social hierarchy) 4- Her faith (Religion), then He said: You will be much better off if you get the one with faith, otherwise you will have hard time in life.” This well-known hadeeth is our roadmap to get to a stable home and successful marriage status.


Dear brothers and sisters: Our young Muslim community in USA is grown, thus we have to pay attention to both of the boys and girls and help them to get married and start a family. One way of help is to have open communication with them and have them join classes and seminars to learn more about marriage life. The second way is to help them make choices that may help the marriage survive the challenges of life. Choices of cultural and educational nature that may help keeping the family together. Finally, we need to reduce the burden of the financial cost of marriage and make it affordable, so the new family will have less financial pressure to deal with.


There are many customs and traditions that we can do without in our community and that will be helpful to build a better families. I will discuss more about these tradition in the next news letter Insha-Allah.