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All praise are due to Allah Taala, may Allah’s peace and blessing be on our beloved Prophet Mohamad, His household, His companions, and His follower until the end of time.

Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Aalaikum Warahmatu Allah. I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well.

The horrible story of the family from the city of Peres, 15 miles away from us, here in Riverside, CA. triggered me to open a discussion on the subject of family in Islam.

First, I would like to reflect on the crime those parents committed against their own 13 children, age 2 to age 29. According to the district attorney office in the county of Riverside (D.A.), all the children are experiencing a severe case of malnutrition, uneducated, and abused. The police officers found that 29 years old girl chained to her bed and weigh only 80 bounds. Regardless of the legal consequences of such parents, I have to ask what kind of faith, if any, permit such dealing with your children? In this country, at this time? Minimum is to say, I do not know? I am sure that is not Muslim, Christian, Jews, or any other reasonable person of faith will subject his/her children to such crimes and abuse. I deeply sympathies with the children who are victims of twisted uncivilized parents and relatives, disconnected neighbors and community.

Second, please follow and read carefully my short commentary on the subject and discussion of the family in Islam. As we all know that Allah Taala, has dignified Adam and his progeny (children) from the time He created him. Allah asked the angels and the rest of the inhabitants of paradise to bow to Adam and receive him kindly. Then in Suratu, Al-Isra, Allah said: “And we have dignified the sons/daughters of Adam, carried them on the land and on the seas and granted them many favors over many of our creation” (Al-Isra- V: 70), Thus, human being is dignified, honored and should be respected from the time of conception to the last minutes of his/her life on this earth. In fact, for Muslims, we should respect, honor, and pray for the believers before us from the beginning of time.

Finally, being kind to a human being is a sign of humanity and kindness in you. And if you exercises it toward your family, then you are following the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohamad, who said: “The best of you are those who are the best toward their family, and I am the best among you toward my family” May Allah Taala grants us a good behavior and kindness toward our families and each others. Next discussion will be about: (Choosing your spouse!)

Wa-Akhir Dawana ani Al-Hamdu-Lillah Rabi Al-Aalameen, Many blessing and peace for you and your family. Wassalamu Aalaikum .